Tomppabeats – Notness of Sonnets

Tomppabeats, a Finnish producer, has recently released a sweet new track titled “Notness of Sonnets“. This track features a prominent lofi drum machine beat with various clicks and pops scattered throughout, providing a unique rhythm that drives the song forward. Accompanying this beat are multiple atmospheric layers that add an organic tone and depth to the overall sound.

The melodic theme of the track is short and playful, seamlessly blending with the background atmospheres to create a calming and soothing listening experience. The track is creatively manipulated with glitch effects, adding an experimental touch that makes it difficult to classify but nicely captivating to listen to. A truly atmospheric work, radiating a warm and inviting vibe that draws the listener in. File next to ‘Teebs – Why Like this?’. Enjoy below!

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