‘Primal grunge psych’ | Interview with Megafauna

Austin-based Megafauna’s latest offering titled Dozer is an uplifting psychedelic rock production that showcases the band’s electrifying guitar-driven sound, culminating in a sweet bridge before the explosive finale.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Primal grunge psych

How does your new single “Dozer” fit into the theme of women grappling with the patriarchy? Tell us a few things about it.

My bandmate, Winston, brought me the song as an instrumental piece with the name Dozer. This is the first tune that I didn’t have a hand in writing the music. Hearing the name and how heavy it was, I felt the song should be about destroying the patriarchy as it stands to make way for something better. This was right around the time that Roe v. Wade was overturned and we were all really pissed. In the song I sing Did you think I would freeze in a cell? I’ll retire with my ladies in hell. With my foot on the gas I’m a goblin… Dozer start it over right now.

Can you talk about your experiences touring in the US and Europe and how that has impacted your music?

Tour can inspire a lot of lyrics because you’re constantly being exposed to new people and experiences. I’ve written a lot of lyrics in the van. I wrote the lyrics to one of our most known songs, Touch the Lion on tour in Detroit, inspired by a casino. Touring also makes us want to write more high energy music because we love how that sound feels as it reverberates throughout the crowd and back to us. It’s an infinite feedback loop, kind of like touring itself, a perpetual motion machine.

How do you hope your music will impact listeners and inspire change in society?

We hope it brings people of all walks of life together and makes listeners feel like anything is possible. If our people can make listeners feel seen and wild and inspired to follow their bliss, then we’re happy.

How has the Austin music scene influenced your sound and career as a band?

In every way possible! We’ve been kicking around this scene since 2008. Seeing the high-level of musicianship and co-creating with so many amazing musicians makes us strive to keep expanding our sound and pushing the envelope.

Favourite album of the past year?

Omnium Gatherum by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

What is the story behind your name?

Our bassist Will brought us the name Megafauna. It was the name of his roommate’s intramural basketball team! We decided to use it because Megafauna means large mammals and we were going for a massive sound.

A song you would pay to hear for the first time again?

In Bloom by Nirvana

Thank you!

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