‘Immersive, Diverse, Deep’ | Interview with ENiGMA DUBZ

Where You At? by ENiGMA Dubz is a moving piece of electronic music that showcases the talented producer’s ability to create emotional soundscapes. Released on Morii Records, this future garage track is characterized by its melancholic atmosphere, which is created through the use of deep synth sounds, pitch-shifted voices, and a signature organic breakbeat. Read our discussion below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Immersive, Diverse, Deep

‘Where You At?’ has a lovely Burial vibe. Tell us a few things about it. What is the main idea behind it?

Burial had a big impact on my journey when I first discovered his music as a teenager. ‘Where You At?’ is a journey through emotions representing the times in life when you need space to contemplate and assess where your head is. It has a real sense of nostalgia too, it takes me back to early childhood memories and the journey I’ve been on in life to date.

If aliens visit us and ask us what future garage is, which album would you give them to listen to?

As much as it’s not just a garage album, Burial’s self titled album would be the one. Goes without saying really that it’s shaped the scene of deep, emotional and atmospheric garage music for years to come too.

Tell us a song you would pay to hear for the first time again.

16bit – Skyline. That track never gets old for me and I still play it in most sets. The first time I heard it was on an old 16bit mix called ‘The Milky Pie Mix’, which is a seminal Dubstep mix from 2009, and when I heard that track for the first time, I was absolutely hooked.

What made you gravitate towards electronika?

Ultimately, I got into music production after becoming obsessed with it around the age of 12/13. I grew up studying classical music, as a cellist. During my early teens, I got my first keyboard that allowed me to multi-track record, and it was from then that I realised how much I enjoyed composition and production. Then, during my GCSE’s, around 15 years old, I got a copy of Reason during some work experience, and from that moment, I was hooked. I dabbled with all sorts of genres, but mostly garage, grime and bassline tracks, as I was also DJing at the time in the speed garage/bassline and garage scene.

It wasn’t until University that I started to explore other styles and when I started to fully express myself and my emotions through music. Certain artists definitely resonated with me on a deeper level, such as Burial, Boards Of Canada, Phaeleh, Aphex Twin amongst many others. It was from there that I immersed myself into the bass music scene and started writing music under ENiGMA Dubz.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be true to yourself. To be honest, I always have as an artist, hence the vast array of music I’ve made over the years. I think it’s vital to make the music you fully feel, rather than music to fit into a particular scene.

Which Superpower Would You Choose? The ability to fly or to be invisible?

Flying for sure. How sick would that be. The only time I’d need to be invisible is to steal a space suit so I can go flying into space.

What is the story behind your name?

My name initially was just ‘Enigma’ and I chose it for a very specific reason. I played in a concert once in Birmingham’s Symphony Hall as part of a really good orchestra, the CBSO youth orchestra. One of the pieces was ‘Enigma Variations’ by Edward Elgar and it had a big impact on me whilst performing it. Side note, this is also where I met my wife, 17 years ago!

I wanted to use the name Enigma and for my first album to be called ‘Variationz’ as it represented the variety of styles I wanted to make, and the word Enigma also suited my ethos at the time, a mysterious producer who was churning out music with little presence in the scene etc.

A few years into the project, I came up against a legal problem with the spanish group ‘Enigma’ which forced me to change my name. As my soundcloud was already ‘theenigmadubz’ I decided to add ‘Dubz’ at the end, allowing me to continue with the name ‘Enigma’ in there too.

Thank you!


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