Yannis Kotsiras | Union Chappel | Jan 2023

Yannis Kotsiras is a very famous and respected Greek artist. But is he any good?

The concert of Yiannis Kotsiras at the Union Chapel in London on January 19th, 2023 was a unique and memorable experience for those who attended. Kotsiras has a wealth of experience with over 2 million album sales and more than 1,500 concerts performed globally. The concert was split into two parts and showcased a mix of Kotsiras’ original songs as well as covers of other popular Greek artists. The audience was treated to a blend of rebetiko, énntekhno and laïkó music, making it a great opportunity to experience something new and different. The Union Chapel proved to be the perfect setting for the concert, with its atmospheric surroundings adding to the overall experience. Kotsiras’ performance was adequate, and he was accompanied by two talented musicians on stage who added to the overall musical experience.

Our Rating: 3/5

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