‘Cinematic, enveloping, melancholy’ | Interview with RVBY MY DEAR

For lullaby, RVBY MY DEAR mixes the warm sound of the acoustic piano with a Bristol sound infused groove and a maestoso, cinematic string section. On top of there is a rarely honest vocal delivery. 
This song makes me wanna be in that New York flat with the noisy old pipes and bathe in a serum made out of this vibe. Glorious!

Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Cinematic, enveloping, melancholy

Tell us a few things about Lullaby and the story behind it.

I wrote Lullaby while at a songwriter’s residency in Canada back in 2019. I’d been kept awake at night by this horrible groaning sound from the pipes in my old apartment in New York, so that was definitely on my mind when I wrote the lyrics. Originally I intended it to just be an interlude, not a full song – but once we started producing it in 2020, my producer encouraged me to expand it. The bridge and outro were added during the recording process, and we hired Alex Weston to compose the string arrangement. Its transformation from this little 8 line snippet into a dramatic, cinematic soundscape is something I never would’ve predicted, but it’s ended up being my favourite song on the EP.

Which song of your new EP represents you the most and why?

I feel like all 5 of the songs represent different aspects of my musical personality, but if I had to choose one, I’d say “Lullaby” really captures the sound I’ve always tried to achieve for the past several years of writing and releasing my own music.

How much your classic piano training influenced your sound in this Bristol sound infused project?

I played all the piano parts on this EP, which I’d never done before on my previous releases, so I definitely had to tap into my training for that. Especially on a song like “Black Moon” where the piano is really the driving force behind the entire song – I spent hours practicing that part before recording it!

Favourite pianist? Also artists and people that have influenced you?

I love James Blake, Fiona Apple and Half Waif – all 3 of them are excellent pianists and could easily get away with just releasing piano ballads, but I love how they create these completely unique sonic worlds in their productions, while keeping the piano at the center.

From Perth, Western Australia, now based in Los Angeles, what do you love/hate for each place?

Obviously I love the weather in both cities! Perth has the best beaches in the world, and the lifestyle is very laid back. There’s a lot more to do in LA, but it’s not as intense as a place like New York or London. I always hated how small and closed-off Perth was from the rest of the world, but LA definitely has a lot of its own problems too.

If Frederic Chopin were alive today, what kind of music would he compose?

I think he’d either be scoring films, or he’d be the next James Blake.

Do you have any memories from listening to a lullaby when you were a little one? And if so, which one was it?

I have very vague memories of learning Dutch lullabies and nursery rhymes when I was really little (my dad is from Holland), but I’ve forgotten them all!

Thank you!


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