‘Adventurous, immersive, and soulful’ | Interview with Eddie Moore

Stable Light by Eddie Moore is the perfect blend of cheeky synth licks, satisfying jazzy piano chords and a smoky groove. Read our interview with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

My sound is Adventurous, immersive, and soulful

Tell us a few things about your album Intuition. What is the story behind it?

After my time as a leader with groups Eddie Moore & the Outer Circle, and We the People, I felt it was time to release some solo music. “Intuition is a special crafted journey through my passion for blending Contemporary Jazz, Hiphop, and RnB.

Probably a tricky one but what comes first for you? The piano or the synths?

Piano definitely comes first to me. I like them both but my basis starts with piano.

Tell us a groove/drop you wish you had composed yourself?

I wish I had create the groove for Madlib’s ” Movie Finale”. Just a great feel, that piece is just so consuming.

Artists and people that have influenced you?

Some of my influences include Miles Davis, Joel Ross, Madlib, The Mars Volta, and Tom Misch.

When it comes to promotion, is the absence of vocals an extra challenge?

When it come to promotion I think the real difficulty is just the way Improvised music aka “jazz” is portrayed in general. With a style of music that can’t really be put into any box, I find the industry has a hard time meeting people who want to hear new things in the lane.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

If I wasn’t a musician I would either be a mechanic tuning cars, or a skatepark designer.

What isn’t a crime but should be?

Hmm. As an African American there are plenty of things that I feel should be a crime here that are not. All I can hope for is a time of true equal rights.

Thank you!

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