IL COSA – Dolo [Review]

The Italian electronic music producer IL COSA is back, riding a sound wave crafted from heavily detuned, well designed, signature synth patches. Dolo, the opening track from IL COSA’s 6 track work titled Nube, starts by introducing to the listener the chord progression for a couple of full cycles. The drum machines set the tone of the track incorporating a good deal of white noise elements adding to the track an industrial vibe. It will not take long for the main melodic riff to reveal itself and stay with the listener till the end. In Dolo, the gifted artist is showcasing once again his ability to compose addictive soundscapes that engage the listener through their minimalism and their deliberate lack of surprising elements and a more defined development. IL COSA is not new to us, and hopefully to you too. Read our interview with the artist here.

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