Under the Reefs Orchestra – Ants [Review]

You can find ants in every single continent. Except for, ironically, Ant-arctica.  

What gets your attention from the very first seconds listening to Ants, the new song by the Brussels-based trio Under the Reefs Orchestra, is the steady drum beat that is constantly enriched with either the guitar or the brass (and in some moments with both of them). Upon that, the brass and the guitars engage in a lengthy deep conversation. Or to be more precise let’s better call it a thoughtful communication. Wanna be part of it? Keep your body language in check.

I must confess, there is something remarkably attractive about the sound of a band that adds an ‘r’ to the bass/replacing the bass with brass (probably that has something to do with Goran Bregovic).  But I guess that is the just the final touch on their already astounding, hypnotic, signature sound. Listen below! 

Upcoming shows
18/06 FDM à Visé (Visé, Be)
07/08 Microfestival (Liège, Be)
03/09 Jazz in ‘t Park (Gand, Be)
14/09 Botanique (Brussels,Be)
19/10 De casino w/ Dans Dans (St Niklaas,Be)

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