‘Dreamy, tender and sweet’ | Interview with Fritz Kahn and The Miracles

I’m sure I can make it,
I just have to believe.

Fritz Kahn and The Miracles delivers a fabulously catchy melody accompanied by a piano and a string session. A song with a musical finale quality, guaranteed to leave the audience a little teary. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Dreamy, tender and sweet.

Tell us a few things about this lovely ballad titled Believe.

It’s not something new when you find yourself looking for dreamy tender and sweet tunes, when going through harsh times. Disney tried that successfully after the 1929 depression, and people looked up to their movies and songs as a guidance. I am very much devoted to the kind of faith that hopes desperately for a better outcome, when everything seems hopeless. “Believe” is a song that comes out of that tradition, the kind of tradition that makes us human. Always hoping for the best.

If Believe was in the end titles of a film, which film would that be?


Your return to music after a lengthy absence. What should we expect?

I´m trying not to make so many mistakes. Mistakes happen. A lot. You really have to put yourself ahead in time to prevent them from happening. I know it’s a cool thing today to be spontaneous, childish like, but I´ve learned the hard way to think before actually doing something. It’s not fashionable, but neither am I.

What is the biggest mistake from your past (related to your music career) you wish you had avoided.

The biggest of all mistakes was not believing in myself. When you don´t believe in yourself, you´re not doing the best you can. I guess If I had believed in myself, I would have spent more time creating tunes, experimenting, and networking with better musicians.

Favourite album of the past year?

Nick Cave and Wallen Erris, “Carnage”.

What is the most usual stereotype about Portugal and its people?

That we are very friendly. We used to be. Not anymore. We´ve become, generally, suspicious, speculative and bland. Still have very good food, though.

What is the story behind your name?

Fritz Kahn was a German jewish doctor, who advocated that the human body worked like a machine. I believe it works like a miracle. Fritz Kahn stands for cold science, “and the miracles” stands for warm faith. So the mix of the two concepts is an irony. Furthermore, my analysis of the western culture.

Thank you!

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