‘Lush, rhythmic, soulful’ | Interview with Honeymack

Refreshing, charmingly playful and with a rich, polished groove, Moonsong is the debut single from the Louisville, Kentucky based six piece band Honeymack.

Read our discussion below!

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Lush, rhythmic, soulful.

Tell us a few things about your debut single Moonsong. What is the main idea behind it?

At first, I had the idea for the guitar melody in the verse paired with the lyric “Have you ever stepped on the inside? // Looked directly into your soul?” Even at its beginning stages, the song felt so pensive, and it inspired me to write about introspection in the lens of a relationship. Relationships bring us deeper into ourselves, and I wanted the song to reflect two people embarking on that inward journey together.

Do you prefer writing music or performing your music live?

I love both, but the songs really come to life during live performances, and that’s my favorite. Each of us has a very different musical personality, so it’s always exciting to see how they will mesh in a given song or performance.

Do you play any covers?

Carly actually introduced me to Only You by Steve Monite awhile back, and we played it at a couple shows last summer. That song is amazing. It was number one on my Spotify Wrapped last year.

In 2021 you did a couple gigs in bars and clubs in Louisville. Can you share something funny that happened during one of your gigs? And what would be your dream performance venue?

Well Zac broke a string in the middle of a set and didn’t have a backup guitar. So we just had to improv a jam for a few minutes while he sat on stage and restrung that thing. Luckily he’s speedy at restringing, so it wasn’t too long before he was back up and running.

In terms of dream venues I would have to say Red Rocks. If we played at Red Rocks I could die happy for sure.

Moonsong is characterized by an innovative groove. Tell us a song with a groove that you wish you had composed yourselves.

One that comes to mind is Get Sun by Hiatus Kaiyote. It’s so infectious. I remember hearing the intro for the first time and just bopping my head in the car thinking “yep, this is what it’s all about right here.”

What is the first album you remember hearing as a child?

My parents drove us to Florida once when I was little, and I remember them playing The Greatest Hits of Earth Wind and Fire in the minivan. Serpentine Fire blew my mind. It has been one of my favorite songs ever since.

What is the story behind your name?

For some reason Zac had brought up the cereal brand Honey Smacks one day and mentioned that it would be a great band name. We started toying around with the name Honeysmack, and the S naturally dropped at one point and Honeymack just kind of stuck.

Thank you!

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