‘Mellow, groove-driven, psychedelic’ | Interview with Joe Traxler

Joe Traxler’s latest single is an experience. It’s like “listening to” music through a kaleidoscope. Soothing, honest and pleasantly abstracted from immediate reality. Or just surreal. Read our discussion with the talented artist below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Mellow, groove-driven, psychedelic

What is a good example of toxic masculinity? What is the main idea of your single Surreal?

Finding it hard to communicate openly and being vulnerable.
With this song I tried to unravel how it has affected me and people close to me, often without really noticing it.

Tell us a few things about your upcoming debut album Lifelines. What listeners should expect?

It’s a pretty dynamic indie pop record with a lot of different influences on it – anything that has inspired me in my career as a musician so far like Funk, Rock, Soul, Dub & Hip Hop.

Favourite psychedelic album of the past decade?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food

You express personal life experiences through your music. What is your most honest and personal lyric?

Most of my songs are very honest and personal. But especially with the newer material I try to be a bit more abstract. I would say the most personal is called ‘Mirrors’ though, it’ll be on the album. Also Forget How To Speak & Asymmetrical Life.

What do you love/hate about Vienna?

Vienna is very comfortable place to be based in. I’ve got my friends, family and studio here. However the winters are super long so I try to escape as much as I can. Barcelona is kinda becoming a second home to me.

Beethoven lived in Vienna for 35 years. If he were alive today, what kind of music would he compose?

Perhaps classical music infused with Goa beats haha

Are the recipes for commercial success actually recipes for failure?

Great question. I guess that really depends on how you define success for yourself. But generally I believe seeking validation in numbers is a dangerous thing in the long run.

Thank you!

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