‘Order. Chaos. Silence’ | Interview with Théo Zipper

An artist with many sides, Théo Zipper is worth your full attention. Expect quality jazz tunes, highly skilled improvisations and emotional melodies. Read our discussion with Théo below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Order. Chaos. Silence.

What is the real Story of Gorilla?

In a way it can express a certain perception of existence. It’s about the path, the road we all have to take. I often write songs with different parts trying to catch that idea. I think a lot about the relation between the animal and human condition and the different resulting perceptions. Monkeys and gorillas fascinated me because they are exactly between theses two worlds : instinct and conscience.

How have you sound evolved since your first album ‘Faith’?

“Faith” is like a picture of young Théo. It might be clumsy here and there, but when I think back, I see myself at 19 and it’s pretty cute. Since then I’ve worked a lot with different musicians in jazz, Arabic music, electronic music and many other genres. It’s real food that makes you grow as an artist.

Your music has a taste of experimentation. Should music as a form of art always challenge the listener?

I don’t think so. For any moments in life there’s a song. It’s about the experience. I’ve grown up listening to popular music. The Beatles and Radiohead are my favorite band ever. I discovered improvised music later. There’s no elitism or any form of credibility in music. Music is there to make us feel good and to elevate us. Sometimes I only regret the lack of curiosity of some. Art is an adventure. Why refuse it?

You have already performed in prestigious venues. Which one was the best experience for you? And what would be your dream venue?

Among a lot, I have a beautiful memory playing at the JMC Festival in Tunis with Aleph Quintet. The country, the people and the music were amazing. My dream as a musician is to be able to travel as much as possible. I hope to play in Japan and West Africa one day.

Raised by an architect father and a painter mother. What’s closer to music? Architecture or painting? Is songwriting an art or a skill?

Both. It’s the meeting between constraint and creativity. Order and chaos.

Favourite bass riff you wish you had composed yourself?

Paul Jackson on « Actual Proof » by Herbie Hancock.

If you were asked to rescore a film, which one would you choose?

Impossible to be humble with this kind of questions ! Let’s say « Le Samouraï » by Jean-Pierre Melville.

Thank you!

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