‘Dark, Introspective and Highly Emotional’ | Interview with The Uneasy

Touching on self-love, INSIDE is a heavy piece that will take you on a journey through the artist’s universe. Guitar driven, with a solid rocky sound it demonstrates The Uneasy’s talent in songwriting. Read our discussion with the artist below!

It’s going through your entire life never really knowing that everything you need has and always will be inside of you

Describe your sound in 3 words

Dark, Introspective and Highly Emotional

Tell us a few things about INSIDE and the main idea behind it.

When you first listen to INSIDE the lyrics do have many sexual undertones, but the song doesn’t actually have anything to do with sex. It is about connection and our longing as humans to feel whole, accepted, seen and understood in some way shape or form. INSIDE is a desperate plea for anything out of body to make you feel complete. It’s going through your entire life never really knowing that everything you need has and always will be inside of you. It’s really a song about self-love and abandoning that desperate and hopeless feeling of trying to find and/or keep the “one” that will magically make you feel worthwhile. Bottom line is you’ll never really find yourself if you’re constantly getting lost in someone else.

What drives our need for approval?

I think it has everything to do with confidence or lack thereof. I believe the need for it varies from person to person depending on how we were raised. Some of us had parents that had a lot of faith in our abilities from a young age and were vocal about it growing up. Some of us didn’t. If we feel as adults, we aren’t capable of doing things correctly on our own whether it’s conscious or subconscious we will seek out and need approval and validation more than others. I think the trick is to always follow your intuition and learn to trust yourself regardless of what anybody else thinks. I am literally just learning this.

Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish you would have composed yourself?

20th Century Boy by T-Rex hands down! That opening riff is larger than life. It smacks you in the face and demands your attention from the first chord. Absolute perfection.

Favorite album of the past year?

I would have to say GLOW ON by Turnstile. It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The blend of hardcore punk, electronic, a sprinkle of alt rock with (in my opinion) just the right amount pop sensibility is right up my alley. Honestly, trying to describe it in terms of genre is pretty ridiculous since they don’t really adhere to any specifically. I think that’s what I like most about them. They definitely inspire me to be more fearless when approaching the songwriting process.

Nobody experiences art in the same way, I feel there’s nothing more personal in the entire world.

How do you see yourselves moving forward in the post pandemic era?

Playing live! It’s my absolute favorite part of the entire process. We are a band that was founded a few weeks before the lockdown so everything we have accomplished thus far has been during the pandemic and without playing live at all. We had to really adapt and figure out new ways to get heard and seen. We are rehearsing now to get ready for some summer gigs that we are beyond excited for!! Starting with The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ on Sunday May 1st.

What are your major influences beside music and how do you integrate them in your artistic work.

I am inspired by all art. Anything emotionally driven, conceived and created by pure imagination. I really love photography/visual arts and poetry. I thrive off of anything that makes you see things differently or from another perspective. It perpetuates growth and I’m all about that. Nobody experiences art in the same way, I feel there’s nothing more personal in the entire world.

What is a crime but shouldn’t be?

There is no one thing I wish was legal but one thing I hope remains legal is a woman’s right to choose.

Thank you!

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