‘Raw organic power’ | Interview with Club Panther Claw

Come with me this way..
In two shots, the three piece band packs everything in a steady, upbeat, tight rhythm section, boundless heavy guitars and energetic vocals. Read our discussion with Club Panther Claw below.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Raw organic power!

How Did You Meet?

I was working as a sound engineer at the local Live venue/ Bar Revolver, One night a band come in called the Flaming Arseholes, They had a young Reuben Pearce on the drums and Tom Maxwell playing guitar, they were both quite drunk but somehow managed to play a really good show, Reuben and I started playing together shortly after and Tom joined us a few years later after he got back to Queenstown.

Tell us a few things about your new song Two Shots. What is the story behind it?

Writing music is about turning up every day in the hopes that inspiration will hit, often when it does the songs will come out quickly, most of this song come out in a few minutes, For the recording I hired out a space where I could play the drums and not annoy the neighbours, With the drums I’ve been using a three microphone technique it was common back in the 60s but most people wouldn’t dream of doing it these days, it’s more like 12 to16 mics or they will just program it but with doing it with three mics you get a huge and raw organic sound.

Your music has very cool, raw energy. Someone could argue that today’s recorded music sounds synthetic. What is your view?

Thanks, Yes I agree, In modern music making it’s far too easy to replace your recorded drums, let’s say with samples and place every beat to the grid, it might sound like a high quality recording but you end up sounding like everyone else and you lose all the personality of your playing.

Favorite album of the past 5 years?

Black Midi, Cavalcade
Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Sex and Food
The Garden, Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
Soulwax, Nite Versions (Anniversary Edition)
Queens of the Stone Age, Villains

What do you consider the biggest challenge in being in a trio?

Wanting more Guitar and synth parts

How do you relate to the New Zealand music scene?

NZ has a good history of rock bands but at the moment most of the guitar bands are a lot softer and easy-going than a few years ago, It’s nice music but I like music to have a little bit more energy. It just seems to be the way music is going lately, maybe we’re getting softer, too much soy milk? haha!

What was the best film you have watched during the quarantine?


Thank you!

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