Aitch, Ashanti – Baby [Review]

Come for the gossip, stay for the music.

I know, I know, I know, is Aitchelia a thing or just a P.R stunt? The internet is divided and I would be lying if I said that I have not watched incessantly videos trying to spot the detail that will reveal if the romance is real (and secretly hoping that it is!). 

Whatever the truth is on the heart front, ‘’Baby’’ has been a success from the time it dropped. Leaving the gossip aside, let us focus on the track and acknowledge that once again, Aitch, with the use of a classic sample from Rock Wit U (Awww Baby), has delivered a true 90’s inspired hit  with a balanced mix of sweet, cheerful and laid-back vibes.

Looking back at the artist’s previous work and take for instance my personal favorites, ‘’Learning Curve’’ and ‘’Safe to Say’’ but also his latest collab with ArrDee on ‘’War’’, it does not come as a surprise that the Manchester rapper is not one to stick with what has been tried and worked. He takes chances, pushes himself harder and experiments in his pursuit for variety and innovation in his sound and it seems to be paying off too, as every new song clicks. Aitch keeps bringing hits which combine diversity with his signature playful tone.

His flow? flawless as usual and together with his subtle cheekiness and gentle movement around the space, he has a recipe for success in his hands. We for once expect great things to come from this young lad.

But not so fast. While we do love a good old fashioned 90’s song, the trophy girlfriend stereotype of the videoclip does not necessarily have to follow us around in this decade! Rhyme with the times yes?

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