‘Ambiguous, embellished, quixotic’ | Interview with Kone Mara

A desire to be hold, but never to be held down..
Bubble carries a delicate groove, with a mesmerizing soundscape across the synths, while the stunning vocal layers give a melancholic vibe to the track. Read our discussion with the Swedish band below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

Ambiguous, embellished, quixotic.

Tell us a few things about Bubble and your upcoming EP Nomad. What is the main idea behind it?

We wrote the EP during the pandemic, so the main idea behind all the songs were to travel, a wanderlust within and without. A combination of longing for new sights to see, new places to visit, new meetings and making peace with yourself. Bubble represent the whole of the EP in this matter, with a desire to be hold, but never to be held down.

Which track of the EP (if any) represents you the most and why?

We love em all, but Brick By Brick is a special one for us. It may be the most dynamic track on Nomad, were we used a lot of different instruments. With dark, razor sharp lyrics about once again being shattered, to find yourself alone again and for what reason.

The EP has really cool artwork. We’d love to learn a bit more about the concept here please!

Thank you! We love it so much too. We’ve been working with Sofia Hjortberg for all the singles and the EP. Every time she sent us a draft we’ve been mind blown. The idea for the artwork of Nomad came from the album Dookie by Green Day. I (Christoffer) used to sit and watch that one day after day as a kid, and everyday I discovered something new. We wanted bits and pieces of our lives thrown into it, and to be colorful – something that you’d wanna watch again and again.

You are coming from different creative backgrounds. How did you meet and form Kone Mara?

During November 2020 we were randomly put together to work on a lead. We met each other two months before this, but had never worked together previously.
The lead had two options, either make song for a famous RnB singer or make a song that represents something you would like to hear in modern music. We all quickly agreed to go for the second option and to just make something fun. When the record label Northbound later heard the song they asked if we would like to sign a record deal with them and of course we said yes.
The song we created is called The Ordinary Place and it was our first single.

Favorite album of the past year?

Hard question! But if we’d get to choose one each it’d probably be Donda by Kanye West, Virgo by Sarah Klang and Time to Melt by Sam Evian.

How do you relate to the music scene of Sweden? And what do you love/hate about your home country?

As mentioned we have quite different backgrounds when it comes to music so we all relate differently to it but we definitely mostly agree around what we think are the coolest bands in Sweden.

Love: The summer!
Hate: The period when it’s not winter anymore but not really spring either so there’s just lots of grey snow lying around. We call it “slask” in Sweden. Not pleasant.

Would you reveal each other’s funny habits?

We have our quirks. Christoffer, being the social animal he is has a tendency to not wanna leave when hanging out with people, especially when leaving a bar. Ida loves her some Swedish snus but what she loves even more is peeling off the stickers on the packaging so it looks like she brings a hockey puck around. Gustav has a big tendency towards buying larger than life lunch boxes and water bottles that fuel his body.

Thank you!

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