‘Exploratory, Transcendent, Vulnerable’ | Interview with the impliers

Is a bad bad man..Upbeat with a distinctive and familiar guitar theme, colorful and harmony rich vocals all packed into an smart and high-spirited rock production which even dips into a psychedelic territory. Read our discussion with the indie duo below!

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Exploratory, Transcendent, Vulnerable

Tell us a few things about bad bad man. What is the story behind the track?

“bad bad man” is the opening track which kicks in the door of our album “cocoon”, a concept record exploring the deeper concepts of the cycle of the human condition.
This song is a representation of our signature musical elements, electronic beats, synths, wildly tuned guitars, rich layers of vocal harmonies and introspective, vulnerable ruminating lyrics and shows how Charles and Dan are able to challenge and compliment one another’s styles through a song that tends to morph never-endingly while holding itself together
this track demonstrates the impliers tendency for juxtaposition, in this instance with a very melodic, upbeat and catchy synth/guitar/pop/rock with a darker theme with a sensation of retribution
“bad bad man” connects with people deeply for a variety of personal reasons, as we all know, have been impacted by, or even are a “bad bad man”. This song creates a liberating outlet for the listener.

Favorite indie rock of the past decade?

Drab Majesty, Honorary Astronaut, TR/ST, Lord Huron, Moon Duo, Bear In Heaven, Wild Nothing, Grizzly Bear, Washed Out, Diiv, Small Black, Cate Le Bon. Mew, Men I Trust, Little Dragon, Empire of the Sun

Rock music is not at its peak at the moment, at least in terms of popularity. How do you think it can manage to bounce back soon?

The hype curve kind of happens when you take 2 existing but seemingly unrelated things (A + B) and it makes a new combination (=C) which allows something to get a new life. So, it will bounce back on its own with a vibe shift. What’s popular or trending seems to run in cycles. I believe when pop culture becomes saturated with a certain music style or genre, it’s only a matter of time until it either evolves into something new or turns its gaze backwards to nostalgia.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

Sonic Youth and The Swans were extremely influential to us musically by breaking the rules and boundaries of what can even be considered “music.” They both write great songs, but also create ethereal tapestries of sound that evoke thoughts and emotions in ways that seem alien to traditional rock music.
Michael Gira (of The Swans) is an extremely inspiring person. While abandoning record companies, starting his own label, and consistently reinventing himself, Gira is a prime example of a true artist who manifests his vision through pure grit and perseverance. He is the ultimate DIY musician.
Another influence we share is David Lynch. Not only are we fans of his work, but we are inspired by his approach to creativity and dedication to produce his art without concern for mainstream criticism or commercial success.

Black keys use session musicians. Royal Blood do not. When it comes to live performance, would you use session musicians? And what would be your dream performance venue?

We wouldn’t use studio musicians, we would rather invite someone we love, that is less skilled at the craft that is someone we enjoy being around and teach them our music. One dream venue would be the Cat’s Cradle. We did get to play on that stage when we were teenagers, but we had seen all of the bands we looked up to as kids on that stage, so it is something special for us.

What do you love/hate about Denver?

Denver is absolutely a dream when it comes to being able to experience nature, arts, and the weather here is secretly outstanding – there are some really interesting musical acts here also. Denver continues to develop it’s own character and personality with time. The drawbacks are with so many transplants flooding here, there are more smaller sub-groups of people vs a mass scene we were able to experience in other cities, which kind of creates more pockets than movements. Then again, we’re kind of on the outside so that’s only our experience!

What’s your advice to humanity?

Our advice to humanity would be to pursue your “personal legend.” By “personal legend” we mean whatever you truly want to do with your life, everyone at some point in there lives know what they’re calling is, but most people abandon it for a variety of reasons (fear of effort, raising a family, difficult job, getting comfortable etc…) . Decide what you want to do, and do it. You will not regret having tried your best at achieving your life’s purpose, but you will regret not trying at all. 2 quick but powerful reads on this are ‘The War of Art’ and ‘The Alchemist’

Thank you!

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