‘the only way out is (mostly) violent death’ | Interview with “T”

Can YOU fix climate change? Is there a moral case for eating meat? “T” chose to give no answers. Make no accusations. Instead he is trying something different. He is helping the listener imagine how the animals may feel. Challenging and heartbreaking.

Describe your sound in 3 words

from my heart

The story behind your new song Pray For Me is very interesting indeed. Tell us a few things about it.

As you can imagine from the subject matter of the song, I live vegan. Since it is of course a concern to me to bring people closer to this way of life.
So I thought about how to process this topic musically and artistically, without constantly moralizing or accusing.
Many songs that deal with the subject are often limited to telling the listeners what they should or should not do.
It was important to me to simply give the human animals a different perspective. We see how it looks in stables and how non-human animals often have to suffer, but we don’t put ourselves in their shoes. We prefer to think that they don’t feel anything anyway and that everything is somehow okay.
With this song I want to encourage people to imagine how they would feel if they had to spend their lives in captivity, where the only way out is (mostly) violent death. In my videos for the song, which will be released in the next few days, this will become a little clearer.
I don’t give any recommendations in the song how one should live and I don’t accuse anyone of anything. In the end, everyone must decide what consequences he / she draws from his / her knowledge. But I also make it clear that a decision can never be purely personal, but always has an impact on others.

How Important are political statements by music artists? Can music have an impact on politics?

I think first and foremost the musical statements are important for the artist himself. He expresses with it what he thinks and feels. People who feel the same feel addressed and confirmed in their opinion and also experience a motivation, for example, to stand up for their convictions.
Music has certainly already moved a lot. I like to remember the David Bowie concert in 1987 in front of the Berlin Wall, which was the starting point for the fall of this wall in 1989.
The concert for Nelson Mandela also ultimately led to his liberation.
John Lennon’s “Imagine” and “Give Peace A Chance” are anthems of the peace movement.
So I see in the statements, whether they are political or socially critical, a possibility to draw people’s attention to grievances and thus also to stimulate reflection and rethinking.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you? Also favorite album of the past year?

I’m a child of the 1980s and it definitely influenced me musically. Especially the New German Wave of that time had a strong influence on me.
If I have to name individual artists, David Bowie and John Lennon are at the top of the list. But I’m also inspired by musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Thommy and Hair.
I don’t have a current favorite artist, but my favorite album from last year is “Paul McCartney III.” It’s playing up and down in my car at the moment.

You were part of numerous cover bands. Now you produce your first original album. What is the main difference between these projects?

You can compare that with children. There’s a difference between taking care of other people’s children for a while and giving birth to one yourself, raising it and seeing what it becomes.

You are a Dog or Cat person and why?

Both. I live with a dog and two cats.
At one time there were 2 dogs and 5 cats.
The reason is simple: I love all creatures and want them to be happy.
In addition, I still “provide” in my garden a few “guests” who visit me from time to time: Hedgehogs, hundreds of birds, at least one fox, a family of raccoons and certainly some others that my night vision camera has not yet had in front of the lens.

What is the story behind your name?

My civil name is Thorsten and my spiritual name is Tarun Krishna. Both start with a T.
The “T” is put in quotation marks because “T” is a purely artificial figure that has little to do with me as a private person. “T” is present on the stage. Knows an answer to almost everything and shyness is a foreign word to him. Privately, I’m more the one who sips a glass of Coke in the corner for hours at a party and wonders when he’ll be allowed to go home. On stage or in front of a camera, that changes abruptly. “T” is different, but he’s also not real.

Your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is to say too much nonsense in an interview

Thank you!

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