Trauma Cat – There’s No Such Thing (A Holiday Song) [Review]

If you need to start warming up for Christmas, power Trio Trauma Cat got you covered. “There’s No Such Thing (A Holiday Song)” has a rock oriented setup enriched with an organ that adds even more energy to the arrangement. Plus the necessary ingredient for every Christmas song… the Christmas Sleigh Bells!

The moment the melancholic verse starts getting you, the powerful chorus kicks in resulting in  an upbeat, uplifting sound. With a punk touch and a pop sensibility, it enlivens the boring atmosphere of the family Christmas dinner. If this song was a movie, it would be the scene where the drunk coworker starts turning tables in the company party. As we reach the last part, the groove changes emphatically to a slower theatrical vibe where a big children choir compliments the vocals. Ding dong. Click play!

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