‘dramatic, atmospheric, layered’ | Interview with SEDIVY

From anthemic, big stadium sing-along melodies, to introspective psychedelia driven sound,  classically trained musician Matthew Sedivy has something for everyone. Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in three words 

First off thanks for having me. If I had to pick 3…  dramatic / atmospheric / layered. 

Tell us a few things about In Your Debt and  your upcoming debut album. What is the main  idea behind the track and the album in  general? 

In Your Debt is the 2nd single from my album, SEDIVY,  which is a 10 track concept album. A lot of songs are big  and dramatic with sweeping orchestral arrangements.. but  I wanted to have a couple tracks that were fun and  relatively simple. In Your Debt still has fast guitar rifts and  time-changes… so it’s “relatively” simple haha 

I wrote, performed and recorded about 90% of the album  myself, which took 6 years to finish. This was of course  significantly longer than I planned. I told myself I was  going to do it right and do it my way. It feels so great to  have it done. 

Your sound is very heavy but synth driven  too. What’s more important? The song, or  heaviness. Tell us a few things about your  creative process. 

Music is fun and should be entertaining; that “entertainment” can express itself in any style or emotion. I  want to build towards something and I’m okay if it takes a  few minutes to do that. I would take “the song” between  those two. The heaviness is just a byproduct of getting there. Creatively speaking, it almost always starts with  guitar (acoustic or electric). From there, its crafted and  molded; over and over. Lyrically it starts with gibberish and  it forms as I figure out what I’m trying to say and feel.  From the start I’m always working on the production  (which is arguably my favorite part).  

Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish  you have composed yourself? 

For whatever reason so many Mars Volta riffs come to  mind. Tetragrammaton around that 8min mark is so  fucking hard. But Jesus, TOOL has so many; Jambi gets  me every time. So does that King Gizzard “Mars for the  Rich” riff. And don’t get me started on the Psychedelic  Porn Crumpets… I get straight-up upset listening to them  because they’re so good.  

If you could change anything about the  music industry, what would it be? 

Hmm. I’ve engineered and produced with massively huge  bands… I’ve also worked with folks you wouldn’t know..  I’ve worked with big budgets and little budgets… big  studios and small studios… world-famous producers and  no producers…. I’ve seen a lot of process, talent and  skill… and I find I’m still bewildered about the principles of  surviving the industry. There’s so many ways to go about  surviving; especially with the internet. Money has a lot of  influence yet there’s little effort going into developing long term evergreen artists. So, when you find an artist you  love; share them with your friends. Support them.

You are classically trained. Is songwriting  a talent or a skill? 

Wow definitely both. Basic talent is everywhere. It’s the  bed in which songwriters grow with their skill. Skill is a  practice, technique and time. A few are lucky to have  amazing natural talent… however I feel those who really  do this on the next level put in the work. 

If Johann Sebastian Bach were alive today,  what kind of music would he compose? 

Honestly who knows. He might’ve ended up being a  gamer for all I know. 

What is the story behind your name? 

SEDIVY is my last name. For whatever reason, once you  capitalize all those letters it feels a bit bigger than itself.

Thank you!


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