404 Guild – Shortwave [Review]

404 Guild did it again.

What fascinates us about 404 Guild is how they manage to expand their sound delivering each time something completely new and raw. 

Remember Breathing Room. An atmospheric trap production with a minimal mysterious eerie riff and killer 808s that keeps developing till the emphatic climax in the finale. Then think of Fearful. A tense beat blended with analog lines and their flawless signature flows, all packed in a cinematic dark vibe.

This time 404 Guild returns with Shortwave, once again presenting a completely different concept. Imagine an overdrive guitar riff manipulated by Gaslamp Killer in a saturated, noisy, Liam Howlett’s late 90’s work. A production with a live instrumentation essence (from members of black midi!!!) which balances between hip hop and a more guitar driven oriented, fuzz sound.   

We are psyched. What’s next?

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