Doul – My Mr.Right [Review]

Reading festival August 1992. Kurt Cobain enters the stage dressed in a hospital gown, his way to poke fun at rumors about his health condition.  

20 years later, August 2012, once again in the Reading festival. I’m walking around seeing the vast majority of festival goers wearing t-shirts with the classic Nirvana’s Smiley Face logo, waiting this time for the FF headline slot. Many of them were less than 20 years old.

Today. The eighteen-year-old artist from Fukuoka, Japan does a break from her sound that is in the pop paradigm, delivering a pure alternative rock tune called “My Mr.Right”. Filled with melancholia, hidden anger and an infectious chorus, the young artist is showcasing the variety of her songwriting palette. At the same time she pays homage to her influences. 

Needless to say, Kurt Cobain’s Legacy Lives On.

Enjoy below! 

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