The way to Keep Your Mind | Interview with Divers

Touching on maintaining ourselves during these uncertain times, Divers’ Keep My Mind develops slowly into something powerful. An atmospheric, beautifully repetitive production that feels almost healing. Read our interview with the band below.

Describe your sound in three words

Powerful, dark, dreamy.

Keep My Mind is really dark and atmospheric. Tell us a few things about the story behind it.

Keep my mind was written as an attempt to put into words how demons come to us when we have lived under pressure for a long time. It’s about being haunted by something that may be actual threats or may be demons created by ourselves that ends up being actual threats to our existence. Repeating the mantra Keep My Mind can be a way to keep the mind calm, but it can also be something that makes us stay there in the dark and hold on to what we need to break free from.

Which is your most personal and honest lyric?

Keep My Mind is really honest but also several of the lyrics on the upcoming album. They don´t see is one of them.

What do you relate to the Sweden music scene? Does where you live impact your creativity and if so, how?

There are lots of things happening in Sweden all the time and loads of great music coming but maybe we don’t relate to any particular bands or artists here when it comes to Divers, if so more abroad. Gothenburg is a very creative city to live in and has been so for a long time with a long tradition of both more commercial acts but mainly alternative bands. So there’s a big live scene, a lot of musicians and a very interested audience.

Which is the best post-rock album ever written?

Not really sure but the early albums by Sigur Ros are fantastic and the latest Mogwai album is great.

Which book should we read while listening to your album?

Then by Julie Myerson

Your biggest fear?

Environmental crisis and how that will affect the coming generations.

In these uncertain times what is the trick to keep your mind?

Listen to Keep My mind, of course!

Thank you!

Lina Horner – vocals
Hans Olsson – keyboards
Erik Ivarsson – guitar
Johan Jansson – drums
Viktor Turegård – bass
John Lönnmyr – keyboards

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