“Trying to find my own voice and meaning when collaborating” | Interview with Gabriel Gifford

A delicate vocal delivery mixed with a blend of electronic elements and organic elements. With exceptional mid tempo production quality infused with great melancholia, Gabriel Gifford latest release is all that you needed. Read our discussion with the artist below and make sure to listen to the full EP!

Describe your sound in three words?

Collaborative. Sometimes pastiche.

Some people suggested that Lockdown could turn out to be one of the most creative times. Considering that your last EP is a product of lockdown, what is your personal experience?

It’s certainly been an interesting one when it comes to collaboration. One on hand, working remotely certainly lacks the special shared experience/moment you share with someone when making music together. However, I’ve still made some great friendships from working this way. I have enjoyed the freedom of not having someone watching over my shoulder though! I’ve found that I’ve been more adventurous in sessions from being in the comfort of my own home. Saying that, sometimes being in new spaces really helps you get out of your own head.

Which track of your EP represents you the most?

Probably ‘All That I Needed’. It’s psychedelic, spooky, and introspective. The toying between the more traditional acoustic sound, and a much more expansive electronic space is something I strive for.

‘Better than before’ has a lovely groove. Tell us a song with a groove you wish you have composed yourselves?

So many to choose from. Maybe ‘Logic1000 – Precision’. So simple, so effective. Or ‘Yussef Kamaal – Strings of Light’ if I was being ambitious.

‘All That I needed’ on the other hand has a nostalgic touch. Considering that this term is a bit abstract, what are the elements in your opinion that make a song nostalgic?

I guess a lot of it can come from the production style and instrumentation used. The beauty of working with vocalists is that everyone is so idiosyncratic and so not really placed in a time period. I love working with artists and finding new stylistic sensibilities with them. The difference between your choice of drum sounds/samples, or your choice of reverb can massively influence whether a listener perceives something as a bit ’70s’ or ‘80s’, for example.

Favorite album of the past decade?

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber. I have no idea why, but it taps into something very emotional for me. Also an album I have to listen from start to finish each time. Seems crazy that it only just makes the cut timeframe-wise!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

Trying to find my own voice and meaning when collaborating.

Favorite music related film?

There are so many great ones! But I have particularly fond memories of watching ‘Dig!’ with my Dad. Brian Jonestown Massace forever!!!

In which state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

When on the move, it’s one of the few situations in which people listen more deeply. There’s an intimacy to being on a walk, on a bus, or a train that I think suits my music. More so than a party anyway.

Thank you!

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