“The monsters in the dark, I can make friends with them” | Interview with JOLENE

Ethereal soundscape. Minimal synth driven arrangement. Inspired songwriting. She is the secret and we know why. Awareness is one hell of a drug.

Read our discussion with the artist below!

Describe your sound in three words


Tell the story behind Thousand Times

The story is that I/we went into another dimension and touched something we weren’t supposed to, lost our memory, don’t know who we are anymore, and are dying of radiation poisoning, which is rather unfortunate. We have to go on a long journey to the Soulfire in the Heart of the South in order to cleanse ourselves of the destructive energy and become reborn. 

How did we get here…? Come down my rabbit hole: hemispheres.land

‘Out here, on the other side, searching for answers..’. What would be your big question?


Is songwriting a lonely process? Do you like the idea of collaborating?

Songwriting and perhaps creativity in general is the loneliest and simultaneous least lonely endeavor, because in some sense you have to go it alone even if you’re doing it with someone else; but at the same time you’re going into a space that so many before you have been already, and so you are standing on the shoulders of giants, and collaborating with your heroes, whether they are conscious of it or not. 

Favorite album you could hear a thousand times without getting bored

Dark Side of the Moon; pair with the Wizard of Oz and I’m pleased as a peach for all eternity.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist so far?

Answering this question.

What I mean is… every challenge. My whole life. 

Favorite series you watched during the quarantine?


Are you afraid of the dark?

I’m afraid of humans’ reaction to the darkness, to the unknown, to that which they do not understand. The monsters in the dark, I can make friends with them, but human vilification of the little-understood, witch-hunts…that is what frightens me. 

Thank you!


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