East&West, Minimalism, Color | Interview with Bar Halevy

A standard classical guitar played in a very different, original way. A door to a brand new world!

Read our interview with the artist below!

Describe your sound in three words

East&West, Minimalism, Color

Guitar and microtuning. Tell us a few things about your approach and the main idea behind your song “Dulab”

Dulab introduces the sound of a particular Arabic scale (or “Maqam”) called “Bayati”. It was born when I tried to find a way to make my instrument, the standard classical guitar, produce these non- western tonalities and timbre

Which album would you suggest to someone who wants to be introduced to the world of The Arabic Maqam?

I would suggest trying more modern examples of Arabic music first. The album “Bent el Hares”
by the Lebanese singer Fairuz is a good and pleasurable option to begin with. Another one is
the album “Majâz” by Le Trio Joubran.

Which track of your last album “Loventine” represents you the most?

I currently feel that the title track “Loventine” represent me the most because it brings forth the east and west fusion to the widest extent among the album tracks.

Music serves as a tool for people to define themselves. Can this tool be used in real life to also bring together people from different cultures?

I deeply hope so, and I also know so. My region is full of conflicts and contradictory world views. If I could bring together the different people and communities of my country and its neighbors, It would be the ultimate satisfaction.

Favorite album of the past year?

As of now, “Hagar&LennyTunes” by Hagar Samir.

In which place or state of mind do you imagine people might listen to your music?

I already see that my music plays in Turkey, countries of the Mediterranean, Germany and Brazil. I’ve been told many times that people like to listen to my music while traveling, meditating or even when having a hard time falling asleep 🙂

You’d give up making music for…

I really can’t think of anything. Music gives me all the opportunities and satisfaction one can ask

Thank you!

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