‘It’s a great project for meditation’| Interview with Neon BLK

Out of the box thinking, not in search of the conventional ‘hit’ song. This is, and the variety between the songs, is what makes Neon BLK really unique.

Read our interview below!

Describe your sound in three words!

My Sound in 3 words would be: Dark, Melodic, and Melancholic. 

How did you get involved with music? Which are your main influences?

I got involved in music officially when I was 12 when I started playing trombone in my middle school band. I got involved with singing when I turned 19 and went to university for vocal performance. My influences come from a lot of places like anime, horror films, exploitation films, black exploitation films, old school cartoon network programs like Toonami and Adult Swim. A lot of alternative and electronic musical acts such as Sneaker Pimps and Portishead gave me confidence in wanting a different sound. 

Introduce us to your new EP, CHILL, please!

My EP CHILL is the 1st of a trilogy of EPs I’m releasing this year. It explores the ordeal of infatuation and negative sides of it. It’s my realization that it’s not healthy and maybe time to really move on. It’s a great project for meditation. I originally meant for it to be 3 tracks but I wanted to expand that concept. 

How does it feel to perform live again after so much time? What is the atmosphere like?

It feels great to perform live again after such a crazy time in the world. I actually physically performed as Neon BLK in front of an live audience in 2020. I’ve always performed but never my own music until 2020. Feels really good, performing is something really natural for me now after doing it for so long. The atmosphere is really great and supportive. 

As a new artist, what are the good and the bad of the scene?

I haven’t experienced too much bad so far. The only thing is the feeling that my music isn’t as appreciated as much as what’s popular yet but I know I have to increase my audience over time. The good thing is being applauded for being different and at least being appreciated for being original. I love performing and bringing my flavor to people who haven’t heard me yet. 

In terms of collaborations, is there anyone you’d like to partner up with at some point?

I would love to collaborate with so many artist, but one I would collab with right now would be Tanerelle.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

When I’m not making music I usually chill out, walk, cook, go out, building my independent label up.

Thanks Neon BLK!

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