‘We see Artere as a big spatial harbor’ | Interview with Neodym

Artere with its complex electronic rhytmhs, is the debut single of the IDM duo who is playing with white noise elements, turning them into art. Read our interview with the Neodym below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

conceptual, bouncy, immersive. These are the three things we try to make people feel when they are listening to our music.

Who is Neodym? What brought you together and decided to start making music?

Neodym is a project merging 2 producers, Bomo and Gloka. At the beginning we were just making collabs sometimes on Gloka’s trap collective ” OTTO “. Then, during a little talk we had with our friend from Hxrde records (who gave us the idea to create Neodym) we realised that our music could be more than that. And, by dint of collaboration, we forged the Neodym project.

What is the concept behind your debut single ‘Artere’?

We see Artere as a big spatial harbor, where huge spatial ships stop by.  Actually, Artere is the center point of all that sound/visual universe we try to create, and that’s why we decided to release this track first to begin the story.

‘Artere’ is the first song you decided to release under the name ‘Neodym’. What characterised your previous sound and how has this changed (if at all)?

Before we started to work on Neodym, we made collabs, but these collabs weren’t composed under the same idea. We were working with no real purpose, but now we know what we want to create and what we want our music to be, thanks to Neodym.

What should we expect from you in the near future? Are you thinking of an album or are you oriented towards working on some singles before? Are full albums still relevant these days?

Actually, we think about working on singles first because we need to define our universe (for the listeners ).  Producing an album isn’t something that we exclude but, for now, singles might be a better way to work.

In our opinion, albums can be really immersive and powerful when they are nicely produced, but for the genre our music is oriented to, achieving such a great thing that is an album is a pretty hard and long task.

But, yeah, albums are still a relevant project to achieve for artists, as they are so rewarding to finish. 

Tell us the dopest drop you wish you have composed yourself.

Between all the artists that produce bounce music, a lot inspired us and make us feel their music but if we had to choose;  Bomo would go for the 2nd drop of “out da bubble” a song produced by ini, dilip and olswel. And Gloka would choose the second drop of the track “Tesseract” produced by Chromonicci.

In terms of music influences, where do the two of you meet?

Well, we both listened to a lot of trap/edm/bounce music, these are the genre that influence the most both of our musics. This is why we are mostly on the same page. Plus, Bomo is more of a rhythmic producer, while gloka is more melodic so with the two of us bringing their specificities, we’re able to create cool things.

Your music is definitely production driven. Are you scared that the average listener may listen to your music in extremely low quality laptop internal speakers (or even worse on phone internal speakers)?

thanks a lot at first ! 🙂

As producers, of course we would prefer people to enjoy our music on nice devices, like big monitors or headphones, but we produce music for everyone, so we try to make it listenable on every device. 

Thanks Neodym!

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