“Sound of each soul” | Interview with Ideini

Atmospheric vocal delivery. Simple drum machine sounds playing unconventional rhythm structures. Inspired guitar patterns in an original production indeed!

While waiting for their debut album, Sound of each soul read our interview with Ideini and get a taste of their character through their debut single Iris!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Introspective – hopeful – melancholic

You have announced that an album is underway and due for release in September. Will it include adaptations or will it be based entirely in original material? Tell us a few things about its concept.

The album will entirely include originals. Releasing covers was fun but now we want to focus on our own songs. We still have a few unreleased covers but they are unfinished or not good enough to be released… one day maybe! The EP will be called “Sound of each soul” and depicts humans losing touch with themselves and the world around them. It denounces loneliness and inequality, but most of all, it aims at seeing hope through darkness and bring togetherness in the mind of people. This EP also touches on abstract thoughts and spiritual concepts to hopefully bring the listener to a mental journey.

Iris blends perfectly a lofi drum machine beat and a synth bass line with the organic sound of the guitar. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Theo: I remember composing the very first guitar riff arpeggios the day after Christmas (not really matching the Christmas’ spirit, I admit!). The thing is that I love to take my guitar whenever and see what comes out of the moment. I realised that what comes to me naturally is often an opposite mood of what I feel in the moment. Christmas is always an amazing moment spent with family for me so I naturally came up with something melancholic!
That riff arpeggios gave the chord progression for the song.
Once I had the chords, I produced the drum and the bass which are the foundation of the song. I chose an odd time signature for this song (which is in 5/4, adding 1 beat to what we are usually used in songs) that gives a feeling of dragging and being lost and confused, emphasising the feeling of being in a dream.
We then arranged it while composing the vocals to create the mystifying atmosphere that we had in mind.  I started first finding ideas for the singing melody, and we found ourselves struggling as I did it accordingly to my vocal range, that’s clearly lower then Fran’s one. Readapting the melody to her voice took quite a long time and it was hard to get over my first idea… Lesson learned!

Francesca, keeping in mind that at the time the duo with Theo was formed, you were not yet a professional singer, we would like you to reflect a bit and tell us how this journey has been for you until now and how you have found yourself progressing, the challenges you’ve encountered etc.

At first, when Theo asked me to sing for him, I thought it would have been a music project just for fun. I got excited about this idea and I saw in it an opportunity to explore another side of my creativity. But as we started to play more and more, I quickly realised that Theo’s project intention was serious. And then the insecurity kicked in because I acknowledged that my singing skills were not at the right level to offer him what was needed. It took time to understand what I needed to do to help him. 

The first year was actually horrible because we had too much expectation and rushed things up. We both expected me to record the vocals of an EP and gig with no singing practice or music experience. So we ended up burning out.

After that, we chose to approach this project differently and took it slower. I took a few singing lessons, practised a lot with Theo and we released covers to get experience with the recording process. This also helped me to improve my singing skills and be more confident.

I now get more and more involved with Theo’s creation process, mixing phase and everything around that, which is so exciting!

What is your favourite album of the previous year?

Theo: the album paralleles by Chapelier fou.
Francesca: The album Shabrang by Sevdaliza.

You are a French-Italian band however, you choose to sing in English. Do you think that language can be a barrier in promoting one’s music? “

I would tend to think that it could be an asset rather than a barrier. Anything that makes an artist unique is something that can be used! I believe that anything that can set an artist apart is something to value and could potentially facilitate a promotion.
Language is definitely one of those: the promotion campaign can be adapted to promote to the right people, I guess. We personally choose to sing in English because the sound of it matches our genre better than any other language. It is also easier for me to write in English than in French for some reason. English allows me to express myself fully without being too judgmental with what I am writing. 
But we want to write a song in French and Italian one day, when the song will be right! We see the use of Italian for a more rhythmic melody and French for a storytelling. We will see!

“If you could wake up and have a new skill, what would that be?”

Theo: That is a tough one! If it is music related, definitely singing. That‘s something I am terrible at and I never managed to get right. Otherwise, I have once seen a video of a monk who gets lamas to sleep with the power of his mind. If that’s true, I’ll definitely go for that.

Fran: I love ballet dancing. I did it for 10 years when I was a kid but lost all the training now. If I woke up one morning and could dance ballet professionally, I’ll be so happy!!  

“Tell us something about you that has nothing to do with music!”

Theo: I am a chocoholic and proud to be. I fall asleep in 30 seconds. I never walk in a house with my shoes on.
Fran: I am also an interior designer and I am currently designing sustainable tree houses. I have Misophonia. I am hyper enthusiastic about little things. 

Thanks for having us!!

Thanks Ideini!

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