‘sounding with your own personality and stamp is the main challenge’ | Interview with Target

Adventurous, with clean vocals in parts. The emphasis on songwriting doesn’t go unnoticed as well as the blast beats. You’ll definitely be impressed with their technical ability. Read our interview with the Metal band below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Progressive Death Metal would be the most correct according to the specialized press, but I would like something like; Post Death Metal. 

Inverted Gloaming is part of your praised album Deep Water Flames. What is the main concept of the album?

There’s a few concepts behind the album, but the main one is how humans are trapped by their own comfort zones and how we struggle every day to overcome all the different problems in our daily lives. We feel this is a representation of our own lives, so it was a way to express how we see the world today and as an exercise of empathy with the rest of the habitants of our planet.

Fire and Water was something that immediately caught our attention. We needed something that would shake you, that would make you think. Effectiveness was never in mind. Creating a story that represents you was the challenge, an analogy with our own experiencies, told from an implicit, very ethereal point of view, attractive to sensitivity.

Inverted Gloaming contains numerous great riffs. Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish you have composed yourself? 

Probably one of the band called Decapitated, from their amazing album “Organic Hallucinosis” … It’s hard, all those riffs are amazing!

You also have very cool melodic elements in your music. We have the feeling that most metalcore bands nowadays focus on the production part. As a result we listen to plenty of bands which are technically demanding but focus less on songwriting. What are your thoughts? 

You’re right, repeating effective formulas is a very common thing these days. We believe that the search for dynamics, the carousel of emotions that excites you, has been lost a bit. Now many people want to sound heavy, rhythmic, fast and with very obvious soft parts that sound like most bands of the style. The search for originality has been lost with very few exceptions. With new technologies, sounding professional is not difficult, sounding with your own personality and stamp is the main challenge.

If you could only own one CD, what would it be?

Wow … let me think … Ulver – Shadows of the sun would be the winner.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

I would probably be training MMA in a more professional way, or studying something related to literature or philosophy.

If Inverted Gloaming was the soundtrack of a film. What would the film be?

I would definitely love it to be from a David Lynch, Gaspar Noé, Aronofsky or Herzog movie. I could die in peace haha

What is the most usual stereotype about Chile?

Maybe our way of speaking, we speak too fast! We are good people, but as a country it has been difficult for us. Our food is delicious, our barbecues are spectacular. Our country is beautiful, we have almost all the climates in the world with landscapes taken almost from dreams. I don’t see much of the Latin stereotype, it is more of a somewhat strange mix between Spaniards and Mapuche that makes us very stubborn, obstinate with our ideas, but good people who want the best for their people.

Thanks Target!

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