Taspii & Hollii – Equinox [Review]

He has a background of playing jazz trumpet for a time and he took his first steps in music production college environment. While he holds degrees in both mechanical and biomedical engineering, Taspii has now become a full time- artist (deep inside we believe that all artists are full time despite other jobs they might be also doing).
He has recently started to learn and self-practice on 3D art, a skill he is using to create his own covers.

You will agree that we are talking about a person who knows what he’s doing and if there is something he doesn’t know yet… well, it seems he’ll study and learn how to get there! Admirable, to say the least!

Equinox arrives after Taspii’s second EP, Too and it is a treat, for anyone who appreciates a good mix of trap and electronic music. It seems like a distant memory at the moment, but please do try to bring back that feeling of stepping into the club. The sound of the city has now disappeared completely, you are willingly confined between four walls, your eyes trying to adjust in the low light, you are watching people, you are thinking how you look (yes, you do), but while busy doing all these, you also pay attention to the song playing. The first song you hear when entering the club is nothing to ignore. It will set your mood like no pre-drinking ever could.

This is what Equinox is, a total mood setter! And you know what? It’s fine that you’re not in a club. All you have to do is hit play and instantly you are together with people you communicate through the feelings you get from the sound.

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