Soleil Bleu – Le Navire [Review]

The Soleil Bleu (meaning the Blue Sun) have released the first EP, Félins pour l’Autre, consisting of six tracks, with Le Navire being the second in the list.

The whole album is written in French but rest assured that you don’t have to know the language to get into the mood. In fact and for some reason that remains unclear, the intro of the song seems like a great background music for a slow burn Korean film. The rest of the song, with its lush organic sound blends exquisitely with every melancholic and romantic scenery: a lonely room, a crowded avenue, a parting scene, a reunion in the countryside.

The vocals have an important role to play in the setting of this scene. They are beyond soft and sweet, they are more than distinctive… they bring out a sense of familiarity. You can almost picture the singers sitting in front of you singing Le Navire while you are sat in a mediocre café, with cheap cream-coloured curtains, sipping a late night black coffee, somewhere in the north of France. Who cares about curtain fabrics, posh neighbourhoods and Parisian tourist attractions though? Quality is in the moments, feelings and details after all.

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