‘Art is survival plain and simple’ | Interview with Jackson Mathod

Upbeat Jazz sounds just in time to welcome Spring with a new mood! Comes in a combo package with a clever interview with Jackson Mathod. Enjoy!

Describe your sound in three words!

Fun, Diverse, Melodic

What do you try to tell people with ‘Dumb People’? What inspired you to write this song?

This track was initially inspired by an interview of an American woman who was out protesting the restrictions on the economy due to Covid. She said that it was time to open up because she was tired of not being able to go get her hair done. I just thought of all the things she could think to say choosing getting a haircut felt kinda idiotic to me! I then decided it wasn’t just about her but it was also a reflection of how the pandemic has often brought out the stupid side of humanity whether it’s stockpiling toilet rolls or recommending people inject bleach… 

What song best represents the sound of London during the lockdown?

London has been a very sombre place like most big cities around the world. It feels like a place that is longing to get back to it’s vibrant self so I’m going to say ‘My Man’s Gone Now’ from Miles Davis’ Porgy and Bess

As an emerging artist, where would you say that the current situation of the pandemic ‘leaves’ people of the art and most importantly what do you think needs to be done?

It’s a particularly bleak time for artists in the UK and has been ever since we first locked down in march last year. I’d say 90% of my income came from gigs and then suddenly to have to completely stop is difficult to take. The government have given aid to the arts venues but this support doesn’t give anything to the artists that play at these prestigious places. It’s time for the government to give targeted support to our artists otherwise we risk our incredibly talented workforce looking elsewhere. Art is survival plain and simple. We have to look after our artists just as their art has looked after us through these hard times.

You have already released many promising singles, such as ‘Baba Yaga’ or Spanish Bifter’. Any plans about an album or an EP in the near future?

So I have my debut album coming out on the 2nd of April which I’m starting to get rather excited about! So ‘Dumb People’ is my main single from the album which is going to be called ‘Travels in a Confined Space’. The first lockdown really gave me a chance to understand what I want from my music and the kind of artist I want to be, so this album is really about that whole journey I went on both creatively and personally. 

What is the most important thing when performing live?

Energy and stage presence. Playing live is as much about the performance as it is about the music. Obviously it depends on the kind of music you’re playing but any good artist knows how to work a crowd. Performing is literally everything to me so it’s broken my heart not being able to do it this past year. So much so that I just decided to get a little PA system and play outside my house. It’s never just been about my livelihood being involved in music, it’s a deep desire to play and perform that will never go away. Long may that continue.

Let’s talk about collaborations. Who would you like to partner with for a song where they would offer the vocals?

I did a gig with Jordan Rakei a few years ago and I’m a big fan of his music so yea I think he would definitely be top of my list. I’m also a big Nick Hakim fan too. So many great artists out there right now it’s difficult to choose!

What would it be if it weren’t music?

Well before last year I wouldn’t have had a clue but my other real passion that seems to have blossomed out of the pandemic is cooking so maybe I’d have been a chef. I was also really into playing rugby as a kid too but my parents stopped me. Trumpet and rugby can’t really go together can they haha

Thanks Jackson (and do play some rugby if it makes you happy 😉 )

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