LukHash – Code Veronica [Review]

Code Veronica is the newly released single by Polish musician LukHash, the first single of his anticipated album ‘We are Stardust’. It is a track that could easily work as a videogame soundtrack with a clear 1980’s identity and a pretty neat artwork too.

Code Veronica creates the paradox of giving the listener a futuristic and nostalgic essence. Come to think about it, it only is nostalgic for those who have actually grown up during the ’80s but certainly not for today’s kids who experience the revival of the 80’s pop culture especially prevalent in music, gaming, fashion and beyond.

I am generally sceptical when it comes to revivals because I don’t like it when old ideas are promoted to younger crowds (or customers if you prefer) as something new but as years go by, I think that to think like that is an oversimplification. A revival is an excellent way to get inspired and create new things, blend fresh ideas with established and loved ones and push culture one step further. It ‘s also a great way to bring generations closer through their similar experiences.

Code Veronica is the embodiment of something that originates from the past but exhibiting an originality, many songs of its kind would kill to have. You can’t ignore the bass heavy sound, the warm poly synths and the futuristic sonic suspense. Listen below!

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