‘Progressive, massive, intense’ | Interview with Geeva Flava

Hadal is one of the most atmospheric and ever-changing songs you’ll listen. Geeva Flava, the Jazz band from Turkey, are explorers and it’s definitely worthy joining them in their journeys.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Progressive, massive, intense.

How did the band meet and started making music?

With a simple phone call from a friend who wanted to form a funk band in college. After a few jam
sessions, we thought it would be a waste to not produce cool shit together.

‘Hadal’ is part of your forthcoming album ‘Hadal Zone’ the concept of which is connected
to the comic book ‘Hadal Zone’. This is a really creative approach to merge the two
artforms. How did you come up with this idea?

Hadal Zone was a concept album which we created its imaginary story before composing the
songs. This provided us with a guiding framework that we could all imagine the sound structure
together, not only fastening the production phase but also making it more meaningful. Turning this
story into a physical comic book was just an extension of our creative progress to make it more
interesting for our audience, following our desire to exist in an inter-disciplinary area of art.

You describe your music and work as ‘universal storytelling’. What kind of stories do
your songs (wish to) tell?

We as Geeva Flava don’t believe the idea of being only a decent musician/player is enough.
Instead we hunt (and imagine) together; for some weird, funny, energetic, uncharted, unhinged
places and faces. This shouldn’t be a scary thought for us because people fear of what they can’t
understand. In order to understand something, you must recognize it. The story is about this. Then
make it universal (via various kinds of genres or arts forms of expressions) and voila! Old living
mother earth is resonating with full of beautiful/ugly stories.

How would you describe the Nu Jazz scene of Turkey nowadays?

It’s like walking on a snowy path. There are only a few footsteps, and they are not for us to follow.

Do you have a favourite venue you’d like to perform live?

We will be performing on Montreux Jazz Festival. I don’t know when but we will.

What adds flavour to your lives?

We live in a very strange place and time, where even noises of ordinary life can reflect the degree
to which cultures and living practices around us differ from each other. Here in Istanbul, some may
choose to see this as an inextricable chaos, but we simply choose to use this experience as a
source of imagination and inspiration.

Tell us something that not many people know about you!

We enjoy pineapple on pizza.

Thanks Geeva Flava

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