‘With authenticity, fans will decide on their own’ | Interview with Jonathan Roberts

‘TipToes’ is Jonathan Robert’s musical introduction to the world. We got to know him a bit better as he will surely be on our radar in the time to come. Enjoy his interview below!

Describe your sound in three words please!

Melodic, cinematic soundscape.

How did your involvement with music start?

I started to learn the piano when I was 4 years old, taking music grades and being in the school
orchestra. When I moved to Liverpool in 2009 for university, I joined bands that played a variety of
genres such as Math Metal, Indie Rock and Americana. Whilst playing and recording with these
bands, I composed my own music starting with TipToes.

What is the concept behind your single ‘TipToes’?

There was never an intended concept behind TipToes. The opening melody had been floating
around my head for a few days and it developed from there once I sat down behind a piano.

We feel that your music is influenced by Chilly Gonzales, who is a creative artist but also
a great showman and this seems to be appealing to a wider audience. Do you think that this
kind of ‘performing’ is necessary for musicians nowadays to attract more fans?

Performance is an important aspect for any musician, regardless of being a great “showman”.
However, with most things in life, there is always the question of context. Chilly Gonzales being a
great showman is his unique take on the genre of music, it might not work for every artist. More
importantly, for musicians nowadays to attract fans there needs to be authenticity. When I see
Chilly Gonzales perform, I believe that he is that character on and off the stage. With authenticity,
fans will decide on their own if the like your music or can relate to what you are creating.

Who is your favourite piano composer?

It’s hard to limit it down to one, Chilly Gonzales is definitely an inspiration, Erik Satie, Chick Corea
and Thomas Newman too.

What is the best concert you have recently been to?

The last gig I went to was by a band called Salt the Snail. They are an eccentric, colourful punk
band from Liverpool. The live show is an intense, heavy and comical whirlwind. Definitely worth
checking out when you can.

If you were to write a soundtrack for a movie, what kind of movie would that be?

I’m a big fan of science fiction / dystopian future films like Bladerunner, Children of Men and HighRise, so anything where I can play around with sounds, synths and instrumentation. There is
always an appeal when I can take something clean and distort it in a way that takes it away from
the original.

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know about!

I used to be in a Metal band called JazzHands which consisted of 3 drummers, bass, keys and
sax. I would run around in a balaclava hitting a cowbell or a beer keg. Think Captain Beefheart
meets Primus and Slipknot.

Thanks Jonathan!

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