Dennis van Aarssen – Can’t Leave Her Alone [Review]

What is there to be said about this breath-taking song? It has grand energy, a big band feeling, it boasts of some well- crafted lyrics and some passionate vocals. It has you hooked already!

Shе’s sweet and she’s mean
And there’s no in-between

There must be something off with it, it can’t be perfect you’d think, but no. The song follows a classic recipe where in the middle of it there is a tone change in which the pattern is repeated this time with a richer, full of brass instruments arrangement.

Red carpet lips
Eyes, emerald green

Can’t Leave Her Alone was not designed to be modest. Dennis van Aarssen created a song that owns the spotlight, exactly like the heroine of the songs does. I think of it as the last song in theatre where the audience stands up thrilled and cheers!

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