Brightspark – Fade Out [Review]

‘Fade Out’ belongs to this category of songs where it becomes evident since the very first moment you hear them, that they were made according to some very specific standards: wet, Burial – influenced, London sound!

The track moves in the melodic and most atmospheric side of dubstep and is driven by the heavily processed vocal sample, creating a sound that sticks to mind. As a final (but important) touch, we note the black and white videoclip, carefully directed to reflect the song’s vibe.

The reality is that Brightspark is quite experienced on how to create interesting music that gives the impression of being a whole concept, and this catches the eye and ear instantly. It is music made to be enjoyed by the masses (especially those who appreciate a classic UK sound) but not in the generic kind of way. This requires a curious mind, one which can transform their inspiration to something really unique.

Have a listen here, we hope you’ll like it as much as we did!

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