‘I also try to write something every day’ | Interview with Carrie Baxter

Playful vocals in a modern jazzy melody. Simply… music to sing along! Turn up the volume and meet Carrie Baxter, everyone!

Describe your sound in three words!

Nostalgic, Familiar, Laid-back

When did you take your first steps in music and what was the motive to start in the first place?

I’ve been writing lyrics for the best part of my life. I started to explore turning them into songs around 10 years ago when I joined a band, this is really where I honed my craft. I then branched into writing toplines for dance music which has now become another string to my bow. I guess I always felt like something was missing from my life which is why I chose to keep pursuing music as It just felt right. It took me a number of years to find what it was I had to say, thankfully somewhere in 2017/2018 I found those things and the rest is history.

Tell us a few words about your debut EP ‘Placebo’ which came out in 2020.

Someone once described it as an audio therapy session which I think pretty much nailed it.

In your song ‘Pray’ the listener can identify a split between two separate parts, an unconventional structure indeed. Was this intentional?

Yes and No. The song sort of wrote itself in about 20 minutes and so Duncan (the producer) and I got to the section that was meant to be a break or middle 8 and wondered where to go next. This is now the section where the song splits. We left it for about a year, wondering whether it needed a hook and traditional structure but we decided to let it live as is, the strings were added in September and to us, it finally felt finished and somehow managed to mirror the conflicting thoughts in the lyrics – everything happens for a reason eh ?

Do you like collaborations? Which artist would you choose to share a song with?

I’m not sure you will have space to write everyone I’d like to work with – Tom Misch, Maverick Sabre, Loyle Carner & Cleo Sol to name a few.

Walk us through a typical day of yours.

It looks a little different right now. Usually I will be at work for a large section of the week and so now being in lockdown I try to give myself a structure or schedule to stick to. Daily life includes, still setting my alarm, training every morning to start the day, block off time for “to-do’s” I also try to write something every day, oh and of course – lots of zooms!!

Which one of your songs would you say represents you the most and why?

Probably 4/4 (Love Affair) it’s got a bounce to it that feels happy and optimistic whilst still maintaining a certain amount of attitude and a slight knife edge kinda feel. I think if you listened to that and then met me, you wouldn’t be surprised lol.

What are your plans for the foreseeable future?

A big bunch of awesome songs that I love ready to go. We are pivoting week to week at the minute so it’s hard to say for definite what’s happening beyond March however I can tell you I have an exciting collaboration coming up soon.

Thank you Carrie!

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