Namito-Caracal [Review]

Soon after the success of his hit ‘Flower Stone’ and the release oh his 2019 album ‘Leaving Everything Behind’, the Berlin-based Namito, returns with the EP ‘Lonely Boy’.

‘Lonely Boy’ is the 2020 powerful release by the Iranian born DJ, containing the tracks ‘Lonely Boy’ (with Dan F) and ‘Caracal’.

‘Caracal is not just a cool name. The song has taken its title from the animal Caracal, a beautiful and equally frightening wild cat known for its night time roaming and the ability to remain under the radar. A typical techno track with an old school acid line and an unconventional, non quantised synth improvisation with a Middle-East flavour. It makes it impossible for the listener to remain unmoved, and matches perfectly the energy of ‘Lonely Boy’, in this exploding EP. You see everything is a matter of portions and aesthetics.

The blending of Western and Eastern elements in music (and in flavours) has been a popular technique famous for producing a delicious feast for the ears and the palate, but only when done properly. Otherwise, one risks ending up with a tacky result. This song, I’d say, is the guidebook on how to do it properly!

A perfect sound to welcome the new year that sets the bar higher for electronic music to come.

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