Madison Beer – BOYSHIT [Review]

Madison Beer needs no introduction. A rising pop star with huge social media following. Her latest single “BOYSHIT” is part of her debut album “Life Support”, out February 26th.

In general, being famous is not what catches our attention. Here in Secret Eclectic we tend to promote music mostly outside of the mainstream but for this song, let’s make an exception.

The song is driven by a very cool riff based on a simple, straightforward but effective harmony. The 3 chords is not a limiting factor in terms of its songwriting but on the contrary allows the vocal lines to come to the surface, melodies that at some points can be characterised as unconventional but do not make the song lose its commercial value. Think of Coldplay’s brilliant “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” for example. The dynamics of the song follow a classic pop recipe where a heavily filtered verse leads to a rich unfiltered but at the same time minimal but powerful chorus. In the finale of the song, that  last chorus is enriched with a tasteful cinematic string session. Radio friendly, commercial pop music the way it should be.  

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