The Actions – Leap [Review]

Hailing from Bristol, the birthplace of trip hop, The Actions seem to have followed a music diet containing famous artists such as tricky, Massive Attack and of course, Portishead. It is no surprise that they are making a name for themselves as with ‘Leap’, the duo contributes to this scene with quality sound which remains true and respectful to the core values of the genre.

Leap is part of the band’s forthcoming album ‘Flourish’ which is scheduled for release on 15th February 2021 via Niteo Records. The track is a battlefield. There are too many things going on there: A minimalistic chord progression allows for the seemingly lowkey vocals to shine. Hearing them creates a strange feeling, a stressful yet riveting situation. Adding to this, an excruciatingly slow beat which gives the feeling that it has been time-stretched. The result is nothing less than an overly atmospheric scenery. An ideal track to set the expectations for the whole album high!

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