American Watercolor Movement – Release the Pulse

Release the Pulse is part of the compilation album ‘Rooftops, Rifles, and Honey (Volume 2)’ which makes up a collection of unreleased recordings by American Watercolor Movement.

It has been inspired by and is dedicated to the community of artists residing in a 19th-century industrial warehouse located at 111 First Street Jersey City, New Jersey. The building has been demolished to become something fancier as part of the local gentrification scheme and as a result the plethora of artists who were breathing life into this space simply had to move elsewhere.

Does this remind you the story of Elephant and Castle maybe? Well, that’s capitalism for you babe!

Space is fluid, it can be assigned meanings, it can be contested, it can be reclaimed or it can be a temporary zone (as per Hakim Bey’s TAZ). It is well- established by now that just because a wall is torn down, its history cannot be erased and frankly it is a sweet challenge to make sure it does not!

Release the Pulse is a dynamic song, with some great vocals and raw energy. Celebratory of the great things that took place in 111 First Street, the collaborations, the vibes, the creativity, the spirit of togetherness. A neat track which gives you the feeling of a live performance!

Listen Below.

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