Thick Black Brain Blood | Interview with The Dolphin Show

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  • Describe your sound in three words please!

Heavy, thrashy, fun.

  • You had your second EP out in September. Congrats and tell us more about the idea behind it please.

Well honestly, we just wanted to showcase the new direction of our songwriting. I suppose that some of these newer songs are darker or more intense than our previous releases, but we like this newfound versatility and depth.

  • Now, we were wondering who comes up with the titles of your songs? (I’m thinking Thick Black Brain Blood, 24hour Quality Dining, the band’s name)

Naming the tracks is usually a spontaneous, collective effort and sparked from something that was brought up in conversation. ‘Thick Black Brain Blood’ was created by James (guitarist) and it has to do with the feeling of getting really hurt and feeling hopeless in the moment of realisation. ‘24 Hr Quality Dining’ was named by us all, after practicing so close to an all-night McDonalds. We like to write pretty obscure lyrics so the titles are a reflection of that.

  • How has the band evolved over the years?

The band was created in northern Sydney when we were 18-year old boys, jamming surf rock in my damp garage.

Even though the band has changed a lot over the last five years (with new members and a more complex sound), the grittiness of OG D Show remains today. We still love playing some of the tracks from 2014.

Nowadays, we have a much heavier and interesting style due to the new members bringing their own flavour to the band. We feel like our sound has only just started to become fully our own and it’s exciting.

  • What do you consider to be ‘cool’ nowadays? (Words, things, values, moments anything you can think of).

Average haircuts, cricket, Guinness, convincing Scottish accents, being a respectful and kind bloke, classical radio stations.

  • Tell us up to three songs you could listen to everyday without getting sick of them?

Im blue da ba de da ba di, I feel love – donna summer, anything written by Donny Bennet.

  • Dream venue to play outside Australia?

Carcassone amphitheatre in France!

  • Your music is riff – driven. How many of them do you have to let go of because you actually use one in a song? Which is the biggest guitar riff you wish you have composed yourself?

My favourite riff would have to be the one in ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by The Arctic Monkeys. But I’m happy that I didn’t compose it because I don’t think I’d pull it off!

  • What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

This year has been pretty unpredictable so it’s hard to plan, but hopefully hitting the beach with some great pals!

Thank you!

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