“Self doubt can also be very prominent when you’re working alone” | Interview with JDA

  • Describe your sound in three words please.

Honest, Moody and Chilled

  • Guide us through a usual day of yours (Covid or pro-Covid era).

I still work full time whilst trying to build my music career so a usual Covid day would be: waking up at 8am getting ready to start working from home at 9am; then work until my lunch break; go to the gym in my break come home and finish the working day. For the evening it really depends on my mood I do like to make sure I’m relaxing after work however sometimes I need to crack on with music stuff. If it’s relaxing it will be some sort of Netflix with my boyfriend or going out and seeing friends etc.

  • Major achievement so far and future plans?

Major achievement so far would definitely be being shortlisted for the Glastonbury emerging talent competition it was such a huge honour to be considered. Unfortunately the competition fell through due to Covid but fingers crossed I can apply again next year. Future plans for now is to keep writing and perfecting my craft; as soon as were allowed back out I will be making lots of gig plans and applying for festivals next year.

  • Feminism and music. Your thoughts.

I feel like artists are being a lot more honest through their music which only opens up conversations for feminism, the lack of diversity in the industry and being empowered as women (to name a few). The more open conversations we have the more likely the industry will change for the better.

  • What would be an ideal collaboration?

An Ideal collaboration would have to be James Blake, I have loved his music for years. Whilst I love what he does we definately have different sounds so it could make for a interesting song.

  • What would be your dream performance venue?

It depends as I would love to sell out a headline show- somewhere like the Jazz Cafe, I love intimate shows as you can really connect with the people in the room. However a dream performance venue would have to be an arena of some sort or Coachella festival.

  • What are the good and the bads of being a DIY artist that you’ve identified so far?

The good’s are that I have full control over my sound and what I produce, what I hear in my head is what ends up on the track. However the bads can be getting sick of a song before it’s finished, I like to get other peoples opinions which can be hard when you’re doing it all yourself. Self doubt can also be very prominent when you’re working alone.

  • What is the one thing you are really looking forward to?

This is probably very cliche but I’m really looking forward to some sort of normality. Being able to socialise again, going out to gigs, seeing family and not having to think twice.

  • Thank you!

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