SplitBrain – Sub-Concious [Review]

SplitBrain ain’t pretty. I mean the actual condition which -thank you very much- you’ve got me googling at 9am while sipping the first coffee of the day. It does however make a cool name and metaphorically it works perfectly when it comes to this music project that blows your mind!

So, SplitBrain is the project of Israeli music creator Uri Pessach, who has just released their tribal psychedelic song called ‘Sub-Concious’. This is a song to listen upon waking up in those moments of the day when you are still half asleep – half awake and wondering if you’re still walking on a dream.

No noise just a refreshing, smooth sound to lift your moods and make you calm but vivid!

As a track Sub-Concious is everything you’d look for from a tribal psy rhythm. It is a tribal journey with many stops along the way to visit the fantasies of Ethno Glitch, Jungle and Tribal Electronica and it does so magnificently. Ecstatic vibes in a vigorous blend of percussion patterns that are constantly on focus.

I urge you to check out more of SplitBrain’s songs so you can fully grasp how versatile and polysyllectic this artist is, even if you are not really fans of this kind of music.

Listen Below!

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