Point Blank Society – Ambivalence, Pt. 1

“Ambivalence, Pt. 1” is an upcoming release, the first of a two part debut album from Cullen King aka Point Blank Society. The songs of the release have consistent sound giving you the feeling that they are part of one complete work, not just a series of tracks. “For Life” and “Inadvertent Preparation” remind you that regardless of any struggles you may face, you are not alone. “Put Me to Sleep” is about that person that can make you feel better and help you fight the root cause of your problem while  “Impossible Dream” emphasizes the importance of removing from your life, people with toxic qualities. “Trust Fund Baby Prohibition” is the party song of the release but from a point of view of someone who hardly party while “Toxic Melody” is what we could call a happy end, a real life story of the artist.

Stay tuned as very soon we will discuss with Cullen King himself about this release. Until that time have a listen to his dark pop below.

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