Max Pope – (Not) The End Of The World [Review]

I saw Max Pope performing live 4 years ago in a packed, intimate venue in London (I think it was The Waiting Room). It was one of these shows with free entrance which prove that London can be very expensive if you want to see Coldplay in a big stadium, but there are tons of upcoming artists to see at (almost) no cost. His set was short but regardless, the crowd loved it. 

I’m following Max from that day listening with excitement every new release. ‘Man on the wire’ is probably my personal favorite, a track that was on repeat last year.

The London/Brighton based artist is back with a new single called ‘(Not) The End Of The World’, a smooth indie r&b song which sounds refreshingly pleasant. Definitely one of the most compelling songwriters around. 

Watch the video below directed, filmed and edited by Ella Turner-Bridger.
Concept by Max Pope and Feedy Frizzi.

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