Daniel Jones – Take Your Time

You would think that based on the title and the sweet sound, this would be love song but no.

The song is indeed filled with love, only this time it is brotherly love we are met with. ‘Take Your Time’ is a reflection of understanding, admiration but also recognition of everyday hardship, towards Daniel Jone’s brother, who faced a speech impediment condition while growing up.

A lengthy song of 5.40′ characterised by Jone’s deep voice and a melodic and emotionally charged atmosphere even for the listener who is unaware of the story behind it. Personally, I understood the track as being divided in two parts; the first half until 3.18 following a slow rhythm and singing (very much in line with the title) while the second half becomes more intense thus elevating the song with a dramatic flair.

The single is extracted from the upcoming EP by Daniel Jones and scheduled to be released this month!

This powerful melody carries an important message which cannot be limited to the celebration of individual strength and courage. It should also act as a reminder that an inclusive society is one that does not rushes its members to keep up but one that slows down and waits for them to catch up.

Listen below and click here for the studio version

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