An Interview with John Bringwolves

  • Please Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m GIovanni Portaluppi. I’m 27 years old and I’m based in Turin, Italy. I’ve studied music since i was 6 years old (drums, percussion and guitar) and i’ve spent the last two years producing electronic music (guitar, vocals, synths, drum machines) with the aka John Bringwolves.

  • Describe your sound in three words.

Rhythmic, instinctive, immersive.

  • Which are your main musical influences?

Ray Charles, Jack White, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Chet Baker, Damon Albarn, Peter Gabriel, Jamie XX, Burial, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar and Weval.

  • You have written that during lockdown you were working from home and after lockdown ended you returned to the studio.Currently, there is a discussion going on about remote working. What would you say the challenges and benefits of working from home were?

Firstly, working at home is good for working hard without wasting time. I was much more productive during the lockdown! Then you spend a lot less money and you’re more motivated to study, read, learn about what’s going on outside your home. 

  • ‘Santhiago’ is a collaborative work with Afra. You are based in Turin and Afra is in London. Considering that the UK experienced a relatively more relaxed lockdown in comparison to Italy, could you describe how this remote creative process took place in relation to how each one of you interacted with the reality of the lockdown?

UUUUH. Gooood question! Well, creating and sharing “Santhiago” and “Waiting” (first single) with Afra during lockdown was so challenging for me. Really! Finding the balance between images and sound at such a difficult time was so hard. Yes, probably I was more scared because of the news, everything was different for us, etc But finally I’m very satisfied with the result because I felt an energy disconnected from the nation in which we were. I think that we lived a tragedy, in several cities but we reacted in a very similar way. And so I composed the music and Afra obsessively thought of the images that best described this situation.

  • Now that restrictions are lifted to a great extent, should we expect a new episode, perhaps a post-isolation themed one?

Sure! We’re working on the next episode called JUMBLE and talk about the closeness between people post isolation.

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Listen Santhiago below!

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